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CeeLo Green X Gazal

Collaboration with Musical artist Cee Lo Green. Exclusive frame design and colors with limited edition selections. Colors are 100% unique to the Gazal Eyewear collection.


Inspired by Gazal's preferred British investigator. This exclusive set offers 5 color choices with individually numbered frames.

  • Dr. Watson

    The Aftermath color features a refined matte finish and silver titanium core.

  • Sherlock Suns

    Dr. Watson & Sherlock are available as both sunglasses and prescription eyewear.

  • Dr. Watson "Love"

    The "Love" color is an exclusive marble red color made from our low density and light weight acetate.

  • Syeahmeez

    Original Design from 2008, now transformed into an even more robust design with new exclusive colors.

  • Syeahmeez

    Original Ruby Red Syeahmeez Eyeglasses.

  • Remix

    The modernized Syeahmeez frames in bigger, thicker, and more lavish colors.

Electric colors

Our coloring process is done through the power of electricity.

Exclusive Acetate Colors

Gazal eyewear offers distinctive shapes, depth, and exquisite detailing in the shaping of the titanium and acetate. The color designs are influenced by her unique life encounters. Gazal eyewear has several exclusive colors.

  • Phoenix

    Gazal's upgrade from tortoise, offering a wider range of color and balance.

  • Starburst

    Color inspiration from Gazal's love of quartz rocks and stones.

  • Sunrise

    Inlfuenced by Gazal's life in Miami Florida

  • Galaxy

    Deep Space Blue with speckles of stars and galaxies in the distance.

  • Ivory

    A unique ivory the resembling a perfect balance between ivory and pearl.

  • Marble Grey

    A Grey fade, slightly transparent with a marble blue/grey finish.

The Director

  • Gold

  • Gunmetal

  • Black

  • Leigh

    Inspired by colleagues in the optical industry

  • Pistachio

    Tasty color and unique balance inside and out.

  • Matt Black

    Smooth finish and silky texture

Cee Lo Green Sunglasses

CeeLo SunglassesCeeLo Sunglasses
  • Beethoven

    Black Fade Color with Titanium Sun Clip - 100 Pieces Avaialable

  • Beethoven

    Frames include Sun Clips and each frame is individually numbered.

  • Beethoven Navy

    Navy color, with Blue Sun Clips

  • Beethoven Navy

    Eyeglasses (seen without sun clips) each frame includes a sun clip and limited edition collection.

  • Purple

    Purple with Electro plated core, and hinges.

  • Beethoven in Purple

    Purple & Tortoise blend with titanium core. Light weight and built to last.

Additional Styles

Gazal eyewear offers a wide variety of shapes, colors, and styles. Some exclusive designs are only available in-store or through authorized Gazal eyewear partners.

To see additional styles and colors please contact your local distributor.

For distributor inquires contact us to schedule a consult with one of our frame ambassadors.