Can I add a prescription to my eyewear?

              Yes, all Gazal eyewear products are able to be made with your prescription.  If you are unsure whether your prescription will work in the style of your choice, contact us and we are happy to assist you.  We recommend that you take your new eyewear to one of our licensed distributors or Gazal Eyecare boutique to have the prescription filled.  You are welcome to take the eyewear to the eye care provider of your choice.  Gazal Eyewear does not handle and is not responsible for prescription lenses. 

What if I do not like the color, fit, style?

              If you are not fully satisfied with the look, fit, color of your eyewear you are able to return the product within 10 business days for an exchange or credit.  For more information, please read our exchange/return policy here.

How do I repair/warranty my eyewear?

              Gazal eyewear repairs can completed by utilizing the online repair form.  Please read our return instructions prior to your repair so that your service can be expedited.  To start your exchange process please click here to start the form.

Where can I buy Gazal Eyewear?

              Gazal Eyewear products can be purchased through one of our exclusive partners, the web portal at www.GazalEyewear.com, or via one of our official Gazal Eyecare shops.  Please visit our official Partners by clicking the link here

Can I use my purchase with an FSA/HSA account?

              Yes, you can use your FSA/HAS account to make a purchase for eyewear.  Your company or account holder for your FSA/HAS may require an itemized receipt, date of purchase, and/or prescription lenses to be purchased at some point. 

Why do I need to make an account?

              Gazal Eyewear is only available to exclusive members. As a Gazal eyewear account holder your experience is elevated to the highest possible level.  Members get first alerts to new product releases, and access to special releases.  It takes less than a minute to register online.  Members can track orders, submit warranties, provide proof of purchase, and receive real time updates from shipping.