About Gazal


Gazal Tabrizipour is a licensed Optician in Atlanta, GA who has followed her passion in eyewear to better improve the lives of both Patients and Eye Care Professionals.  As an Optician she and her husband, Saeed Andy, have cold started two luxury optical boutiques and each have over 20 years of experience in the optical industry.  Both are LDOs and have taught optical classes as well as trained and consulted hundreds of opticians over their career.   Discover the exquisite craftsmanship of Gazal Tabrizipour, a licensed Optician in Atlanta, GA, whose dedication to eyewear has transformed the world of vision care for both Patients and Eye Care Professionals.

Gazal has worked in film and television with many large films from AMC, Disney, Marvel, Netflix, Sony, and many more. 


Gazal creates a luxurious brand of her own designs and engineering, crafted in Japan. The products reflect her life experiences, merging optics knowledge with eyewear expertise to introduce a fresh and thrilling addition to the eyewear industry.


Engineering & Design

Technical Designs

Gazal is proud to introduce the world's first ergonomically designed eyewear brand! Working with an experienced optician can greatly benefit our clients. The quality lies in the details.

Gazal's temples and nose pads are crafted to mold to the human body naturally and provide comfort. Extensive research and design were dedicated to our unique temple tips.

Every individual trying on Gazal eyewear frames can promptly discern the distinction and appreciate the superior quality of life that comes with Gazal eyewear.

  • Ergonomic Eyewear

    Introducing Gazal's new eyewear line with ergonomically designed features after 5 years of research.

  • Exclusive Colors

    Every aspect, from shapes to screws to frame colors, is meticulously designed by Gazal. Discover exclusive, never-before-seen color options.

  • Precise Construction

    Luxury is a Culture and is deeply ingrained in Gazal Eyewear using the Alpha Titanium & proprietary plastics.

Film & Television

Film & Television

Gazal Tabrizipour and Saeed Andy Tabrizipour have contributed to multiple films and television shows, supporting with lenses, frames, contacts, and custom eyewear designs for characters. Their expertise in providing lenses, frames, contacts, and custom eyewear designs for characters has made them valuable assets in the film and television industry.

  • Lawrence Gilliard Jr

    Lawrence wearing the "HIS" eyeglasses on the premier for "Big George Foreman"

  • Les Twins

    The Les Twins, Laurent Bourgeois, wearing the signature SECO sunglasses by Gazal.

  • CeeLo Green

    Cee Lo Green wearing his custom sunglasses by Gazal. CeeLo X Gazal Colloboration.

  • Ghosts of Haunted Mansion

    Gazal on set with the Ghosts from Disney's Haunted Mansion

  • Rosario Dawson

    Rosario on the set of Haunted Mansion wearing Libra Eyeglasses in Sunrise with custom sun clips.

  • Ghost Lenses

    Contact Lenses for Ghosts on Haunted Mansion

  • Chris Pratt

    Gazal with Actor Chris Pratt for his role as Peter Quill / Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • Michael Rooker

    Rooker with Gazal & Saeed for his Guardians of the Galaxy Character Yondu

  • Will Poulter

    Will Poulter with Gazal for his character Adam Warlock

  • John Bernthal Walking Dead Zombie

    John Bernthal

    Gazal with Actor John Berntal for his role as Shane from The Walking Dead.

  • Jessie T Usher

    "Davon" from AMC The Walking Dead wearing the Gazal "SEVEN" frames.

  • Zombie Eyes

    Gazal Tabrizipour on set lens technician for the Walking Dead.

  • Harold Perrineau

    Harold with Actor Michael James Shaw and Saeed Tabrizipour on the final episode for Constatine.

  • Matt Ryan

    Matt Ryan with custom black out contact lenses for his role as John Constatine.

  • Special Effects Makeup

    Gazal & Saeed Tabrizipour on set lens technician for Constantine. Jonjo O'Neill in his full face and lens makeup.

  • Tatiana Maslany

    Tatiana playing Jennifer Walters in She Hulk with custom glasses and lenses.

  • She Hulk

    Eyeglasses for She Hulk Attorney at Law

  • "Jennifer Walters"

    Custom eyewear for Marvel's She Hulk

  • Tyler Perry

    Tyler Perry in iconic eyeglasses for his character Madea.

  • Madea Eyeglasses

    Madea eyeglasses custom made for Tyler Perry's "Madea" television show.

  • Zombie Eyes

    Gazal Tabrizipour on set lens technician for the Walking Dead.